The Complete Guide to Budha Kedar Trek

Budha Kedar is in Tehri Garhwal district of Uttarakhand. It is known for its beautiful landscape and architectural beauty. The shivling located here is the biggest shivling in the entire north India. 

The views from the Budha Kedar temple are amazing. The trail is well laid and passes through the confluence of Bal Ganga river and Dharam Ganga river. The entire landscape of the confluence is breathtaking. The gushing sound of the river is soothing to your ears.

Budha Kedar is an easy level trek and can be done by both fit beginners and experienced trekkers. For a short trek, the views it offers are extremely rewarding.


The Confluence of Bal Ganga and Dharam Ganga Rivers

The trail to Budha Kedar passes through the confluence of Bal Ganga and Dharam Ganga rivers. It's a beautiful sight to witness. The color, gushing sound of the rivers and the entire landscape are treat for your eyes.

Confluence_Budha Kedar_Indiahikes_DeepaliBansal

The confluence of Bal Ganga and Dharam Ganga rivers. Picture by Deepali Bansal

The Views from the Surroundings

Though Budha Kedar is a short trek offers mesmerizing views of the surrounding mountain ranges. It has a huge clearing next to the temple. The lush greenery of the place is soothing to your eyes.

Views_Budha Kedar_Indiahikes_DeepaliBansal

Views from the Budha Kedar Temple. Picture by Deepali Bansal

Trail Information

Route map

Route Map_Budha Kedar_Indiahikes

Route Map of Budha Kedar Trek. Picture by Deepali Bansal

Budha Kedar temple is in the Tehri Garhwal district of Uttarakhand, famous for its beautiful landscape and the temple. It is also considered Fifth Dham after Gangotri, Yamunotri, Kedarnath and Badrinath. The trek is easy and about 1 km distance starting from the rusty-looking long iron bridge located on Boodha Kedar road.

The trail is well-laid, passing between the confluence of Bal Ganga river and Dharam Ganga river. The entire landscape of the confluence is breathtaking. The roaring sound of the rivers soothe your soul. You can witness the absolute beauty of the place by standing on the pedestrian overpass bridge (marked as Viewpoint of confluence on the trail map).

Confluence_Budha Kedar_Indiahikes_DeepaliBansal

Confluence of Bal Ganga and Dharam Ganga Rivers. Picture by Deepali Bansal

After crossing the bridge, head in the right direction, i.e. Boodha Kedar Road. In a few meters, you'll cross Hotel Damruwala (location visible on Google maps). This concretized lane will take you straight to the junction, from where taking a right turn will lead to stairs. You can also confirm your location by observing the board there.

Entry gate_Budha Kedar_Indiahikes_DeepaliBansal

Entry gate at the start of the Budha Kedar Trek. Picture by Deepali Bansal

Stairways_Budha Kedar_Indiahikes_DeepaliBansal

Stairs leading to Budha Kedar Temple. Picture by Deepali Bansal

The lane leading to the temple is very steep, so be careful if visiting on a rainy day. It will lead you to the famous Budha Kedar temple. The gigantic blue-coloured temple entry gate marks the strength of faith and belief of devotees there. Reading the story of the place written on the pillar near it will give you a peek into the history of this place.

Story Pillar_Budha Kedar_Indiahikes_DeepaliBansal

Story pillar near the Budha Kedar Temple. Picture by Deepali Bansal

Budha Kedar is a holy place which is dedicated to Lord Shiva. The temple has the biggest Shivling in North India. The landscape is surrounded by steep hills covered with lush green deodar canopy.

Temple_Budha Kedar_Indiahikes_DeepaliBansal

Budha Kedar Temple. Picture by Deepali Bansal

Budha Kedar trek is an opportunity to see glimpses of the lives of hill folks and travel their religious path. It is a hidden treasure and paradise for those who love exploring the beauty of nature. On your trek, you will come across the life of locals in mountainous regions. You will also get to witness the beautiful cross-cultivated farms (terrace farming) and see the wooden huts of villagers living there. The entire place is also rich in Himalayan bird activity. Don't forget to carry a binocular along with you.

How to reach Budha Kedar

  • Budha Kedar is around 86 km from New Tehri district headquarters. Direct bus service is operable only in the early morning (6:00 – 7:30 am), which will take you to Budha Kedar.
  • If coming by your own vehicle, you can reach Budha Kedar via Dhauntari and Uttarkashi, or New Tehri, depending upon your start location.

Best time to visit Budha Kedar

Budha Kedar trek is easy but requires proper planning and preparation. Since the trail is steep and slippery, except in monsoon months, the trek is accessible to people for visit. The weather there is pleasant throughout the year. Don’t forget to check the weather condition before planning to visit.     

Frequently Asked Questions          

Camping sites near Budha Kedar

As there are limited accommodation options near Budha Kedar, you can either explore the fun of staying in the village or camp nearby. Staying in the village and knowing the culture of people is a great opportunity you can seek there. People are very open-hearted and welcoming there. However, if you want to camp nearby, you may pitch your tent near Manjhaar taal (30.599621040857617, 78.62397674000339), about a 7 km trek from Budha Kedar temple.


Pharmacies and Medical services

Since the temple is located in the village of Tehri Garhwal district, facilities there are limited. You may find small local stores or pharmacies, but buying and carrying your medicines is recommended before reaching there. In an emergency, you will find one in Chamiyala and Ghansali villages.


ATM facilities               

There is no ATM facility nearby. The entire region is rural, and such facilities are limited there. It is advisable to withdraw the cash in advance as you may not find the digital payment option everywhere. In an emergency, you will find one in Chamiyala village (30.48047631660217, 78.62740914565603).


Nearby places to visit    

1. Nature trail to Thati: Very close to Budha Kedar Temple is a pedestrian overpass bridge from where is this beautiful nature trail hidden. The trail is about 1.5 km long, passing through the lush deodar tree canopy. The entire landscape is fantastic, and you will enjoy every trail turn.

The trail is stony and steep. It is normal to find it a little hard to trek there. You will witness the beauty of the Bal Ganga river from the top of the hill. Pure and transparent water flowing with an echoing sound will make you feel calm.

As you trek forward, you will pass the Forest chowki of the Thati area. The lane will automatically take you to the destination from where the dense deodar forest starts. All around it is the terrace farming, giving a lustrous green look to the entire patch.

If you are seeking adventure, you may trek and explore the treasures of that forest.

Nature Trail_Thati_Budha Kedar_Indiahikes_Deepali Bansal

Nature trail near Budha Kedar. Picture by Deepali Bansal

2. Chandrabadni temple, Tehri: A Hindu shrine in Jamnikhal village in Tehri Garhwal is one of the Shaktipeeth in India. It represents a place of devotion and faith. It is about 14 km from Budha Kedar temple, at an elevation of about 2277 m. Lush green vegetation of the hills makes the landscape mesmerizing. In April, a grand fair is organized by the locals there. People from corners attend it making it like a grand festival.

3. Tehri Dam: The most prominent and highest dam in Asia and the tenth tallest dam in the world, the Tehri dam harness water from two major     Himalayan rivers - Bhagirathi and Bhilganga. The dam is about 12 km from New Tehri and easy to reach. It is a must-visit site in New Tehri with a boating facility too.    

4. Dhanaulti: High peaks, Lush green deodar canopy and adventure sports make this     place a fantastic destination for tourists to explore nature. About 40 km from New Tehri, Dhanaulti is a popular tourist attraction that offers the views of snow-capped Himalayas followed by a dense canopy. The entire landscape is rich in flora and fauna.

5. Devalsari Village: Beautiful village offering a base camp for the famous Nag Tibba trek is another place near Budha Kedar. It is about 10 km from New Tehri and embraces many nature trails where you can feel the love for nature. It is a must-see place to visit if you are visiting New Tehri.

Trek Contribution

Trek documented and photos contributed by Deepali Bansal.

Trek edited by Manasa N L.