7 Best Himalayan Treks in Winter (December, January and February)

In this post, I’m sharing the best winter treks to do in the Himalayas.

I know this post is coming in early, but September is when you should start planning your winter trek — you’ll get to choose the dates you want and your flight tickets will be least expensive then. You’ll also have enough time to physically and mentally prepare for your winter trek.

Use this as a guide to choose your winter trek. Watch out for a few pro tips that accompany these treks as well.

Table of Contents:

  1. Dayara Bugyal
  2. Brahmatal
  3. Deoriatal – Chandrashila
  4. Kedarkantha
  5. Sandakphu – Phalut
  6. Kuari Pass
  7. Nag Tibba Weekend Trek

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Top 7 Winter Treks to do in the Himalayas

Here are the Top 7 Winter Treks you can do in the Himalayas:

1. Dayara Bugyal Winter Trek

Difficulty: Easy – Moderate
Raithal, Uttarakhand
Duration: 6 Days

best winter treks in india - Indiahikes
You never see snow in as much abundance as in winter. This is Dayara Bugyal in winter. Picture by Sudheer Hegde

This is a trek I love simply because it’s such a relaxing climb and yet gives you such grand returns. You never expect such views and experiences on such an easy trek! And in winter, it’s even prettier (if that’s possible) with the meadows blanketed in shimmering white snow.

Protip Given the ease of the climb, this trek is especially good for families and beginners in winter. But don’t let that stop you if you are an experienced trekker — you can go on this trek ten times and you won’t tire. I would also recommend it to those who have already seen it in another season. It’s a completely different trek in winter.

Explore Dayara Bugyal

2. Brahmatal Winter Trek

Difficulty: Easy – Moderate
Raithal, Uttarakhand
Duration: 6 Days

best winter treks in india - Indiahikes
The Brahmatal trek is something that all trekkers rave about for the snow experience. Picture by Devang Thapliyal

This is our co-founder Sandhya’s favourite trek. When she went last year. she stood at the summit, with a riveting view of two most celebrated mountains — Mt Trishul and Mt Nanda Ghunti. She also saw the entire Roopkund trail laid out before her — literally a bird’s-eye view. I would highly recommend reading this personal note she wrote after her Brahmatal trek to get an idea.

Protip Choose this if you want a grand snow experience. Most trekkers come back raving about the snow here. Also, be physically prepared because it has some good climbs.

Explore Brahmatal

3. Deoriatal – Chandrashila Winter Trek

Difficulty: Easy – Moderate
Sari, Uttarakhand
Duration: 6 Days

Deoriatal - Chandrashila - Indiahikes
The Chandrashila summit climb sees a lot of snow in winter, and you get to slide down from the summit all the way to the bottom. Picture by Satyen Dasgupta

This is a trek we dearly missed in winter last year. It used to be one of India’s most popular winter treks. The popularity died down when the forest department closed some crucial campsites. But now new alternative campsites have come up. So we’re back to running this grand trek.

The trail, of course, remains as charming with its vibrant forests, the lake and the climb to the Tungnath temple and Chandrashila summit.

Protip This trek gives a highly unfair reward for the amount of effort you put in. You get to see almost all the most magnificent peaks in Indian Himalayas including Mt Nanda Devi, India’s highest summit. And you get to experience snow in winter. If the dates suit you, don’t think twice, just go for it.

Explore Deoriatal – Chandrashila

4. Kedarkantha Winter Trek

Difficulty: Easy – Moderate
Gaichawan Gaon, Uttarakhand
Duration: 6 Days

Kedarkantha - Indiahikes
You’ll not see snow-laden pine forests like the Kedarkantha trek on any other trail. Picture by Bappaditya Chandra

Do I need to introduce this trek? This trek exploded in terms of popularity when we opened it up in winter 2011. It has endearing campsites, a thrilling summit climb, and one of the best winter experiences in the Himalayas. Most trekkers treat it as a bucket list trek, and they’re completely justified because it’s not every day you come across such a perfect winter trek.

Protip We are doing this trek from the Kotgaon route, and not from Sankri. This new trail is isolated and it bypasses the crowd. I have to say it is a lot prettier than the older route as well.

Explore Kedarkantha

5. Sandakphu – Phalut

Difficulty: Moderate
Jaubhari, West Bengal
Duration: 7 Days

Sandakphu - Indiahikes
On the way to Sandakphu — seen behind the Sleeping Buddha with Mt Everest, Mt Makalu, Mt Lhotse and others. Picture by Anil Vesvikar

Choose this trek if you are looking for a strong cultural experience. You get a peek into what the Nepali trekking culture is like.It’s a trek on the border of India and Nepal, constantly weaving in and out of the two countries (feels very international, I tell you!).

It also gives you views of four of the tallest mountains in the world — Mt Everest, Mt Lhotse, Mt Makalu and Mt Kanchenjunga. No other trek gives you that.

Protip Not many trekkers know this, but on this trek, you stay in tea houses for a few days, and you also get the Indiahikes camping experience for 2 days. It’s a great way to experience the best of both worlds. While you get snow on this trek, it is not as much as our Uttarakhand or Himachal treks. So do keep that in mind.

Explore Sandkphu – Phalut

6. Kuari Pass Winter Trek

Difficulty: Easy – Moderate
Tapoban, Uttarakhand
Duration: 6 Days

Kuari Pass - Meadow - Indiahikes
The snow-filled meadows on the Kuari Pass trek. Picture by Nachiketa

Irrespective of you being a seasoned trekker or a beginner the Kuari Pass is a trek you need to do. It is a must-do for the views of some of India’s most celebrated mountains – Mt Nanda Devi (25,673 feet) and Mt Dronagiri (23,182 feet) – in any season.

Protip In winter there is an added attraction. The snow in its almost perfectly crafted forests. Snow flakes settled on the Oak leaves above a white carpeted forest floor takes you instantly to the land which would be Santa Clauses envy. All this give you an unmatched winter trekking experience in the Himalayas!

Explore Kuari Pass

7. Nag Tibba Weekend Trek

Difficulty: Easy – Moderate
Dehradun, Uttarakhand
Duration: 2 Days

Nag Tibba - Indiahikes
The steep incline before reaching the summit on the Nag Tibba trek in winter. Picture by Vipul

We all know summit climbs are incredibly rewarding in a trek. This is why we have trekkers flocking to treks like Kedarkantha or Deoriatal – Chandrashila. In a trail like Nag Tibba, you get to experience the thrill of a summit climb in just a weekend! And in winter, the experience just multiplies manifold.

Protip Resting at 9,915 ft, the summit of this trek is the highest in the Nag Tibba range of Garhwal Himalayas. From here, you see a 100-degree view of snow-capped Himalayan ranges such as Swargrohini, Bandarpoonch, Kala Nag, Srikantha, and Gangotri.

You also see Kedarnath peak in the north, Doon valley and the snow peaks of Changabang. With views like this and a climb to make you earn them, this weekend trek may be one of the best.

Explore Nag Tibba Weekend Trek


So those are the good winter treks to explore this year. Just remember, any time from mid-December to the end of March will give you a good snow experience! 

If you need help making a decision, drop in a comment below. 

We’ll help you out!

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