Is Mt Everest Visible From Sandakphu?

Is Mt Everest Visible From Sandakphu?

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By Anudhanya M


Yes, the Sandakphu Phalut trek offers a splendid long-distance view of the Mount Everest cluster. Standing at an altitude of 11,930 feet on Sandakphu, you can witness the Everest cluster on your left. On day 2 of the Sandakphu trek, slightly ahead of Molley you get an amazing view of Mount Everest. On day 4 of the Sandakphu trek, you will reach Sabargam, where you get the best view of the Everest cluster.

Sandakphu Phalut trek will never disappoint you, especially in terms of offering the best views. Treat your eyes to the stunning sunsets and sunrises that give you a feel of standing up above the sky, and make you feel like you are one among the clouds floating in the sky. Witness the sunsets below you as stand on the elegant viewpoint. 

Winter (from December until January) is the best time of the year to see this magnificent view of Mount Everest. During winter, there would be heavy snowfall, which appears in a mixture of white and brown colours. Whereas in monsoon, the snowfall appears in green colour that falls on lush green trees of the dense forest.

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