Why is Sandakphu Famous?

Why is Sandakphu Famous?

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By Anudhanya M


Sandakphu and Phalut trek is one of the best treks in India as it is one of the few treks on earth from which you can see 8,000-meter peaks. Gaze at the stunning Everest, standing at a Sandakphu altitude of 11,930 feet. 

Those outshining Lhotse and Makalu, the fourth and the fifth highest peaks in the world would make you go wow! You can see the world’s third-highest peak, the beautiful Kanchenjunga with its cluster of peaks on your right. 

The best part about Sandakphu is seeing the magnificent view of the Sleeping Buddha from day 1 of the trek which continues to attract you until day 4 of the trek, which also gets larger and closer day by day. How about enjoying hide and seek with the sleeping Buddha for the first 3 hours of the trek?

The Sandakphu mountain trekking is the only trek which offers a view of eight thousand-meter peaks like this. That is why it is a must-do trek in India.

Sandakphu trek is the best trek to get an idea about the Indo-Nepal border experience. Trekking in Sandakphu gives you a unique experience, as it takes you through the trails of both India and Nepal and it astonishingly confuses you whether you are in India or Nepal. The Indo-Nepal border provides an absolute eccentric experience of having dinner in Nepal and Sleeping in India.8

Explore the various aspects of Indian, Nepal, Buddhist, and Tibetan culture in the Sandakphu trek. Meet the locals, and try to comprehend the cultural side of Nepalis, how their day starts, their daily chores, and the way they lead their lives. Taste the toothsome authentic food of Nepalis. Do not miss out to taste the spiciest chilli, ‘Dhalle Khorsani’, the famous thing to try during the Sandakphu trek.

Spot the various species in Singalila national park as you trek through the Sandakphu route. On day 1 of your trek, you will trek through the dense forest which is covered with Oak trees. You will trek through the trails of Samanden which are coved with Bamboo trees, on day 2 of your trek. Admire the beauty of Rhododendron on your trekking trails, especially during March and April. You will spot numerous Yalks and rarely you will get to see Red Pandas and Tragopan as well during the Sandakphu trek.

Anudhanya M

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