Indiahikes February 2023 Photo Contest Winners

Indiahikes February 2023 Photo Contest Winners

Theme: Colours On A Trek

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By Bharath Ramesh


As we enter the month of March, we have also come to the end of the February Photo Contest. Everything about this month's contest was exciting.

Starting with the theme for this month - Colours On A Trek. We wanted trekkers to show the most colourful side of the mountains they had seen. It could be photos of flowers, mountains, green meadows, forests, flowers, bird life, animals, or a mix of all of these elements

And we received some stunning entries. Shortlisting 10 nominations from 1050 photos were tough. And choosing the winners was tougher.

After multiple rounds finally, we have the top 3 photos. Here are the Winners of the Trek Photography contest for February 2023.


Harsil Village - Apurva Ulabhaje

A spectacular sunrise by the river. Photo by Apurva Ulabhaje

Trekking by a stream in the Himalayas, especially early in the morning, is a charming experience. This photo instantly transports you to the land of the mountains, with the stream, trees lining it and the mountains rising in the backdrop.

Congratulations Apurva Ulabhaje! You have won the First Prize, with the terrific ZERO 50-liter Rucksack by Adventure Worx, which you can use on all your future treks.

First - Runner up

Nafran Valley Trek - Vishal Pawar

A horse grazing on the meadows of Bhaj Margi. Photo by Vishal Pawar

One of the new treks in Kashmir. This route to Nafran Valley is remote and takes you to some of the most scenic parts of the valley.

Congratulations Vishal Pawar! You have won the runner-up prize, you will be getting an Indiahikes Trek Voucher of Rs. 2,000 which will be valid until 29th February 2024.

Trekkers Choice Award

Budha Madhyameshwar Trek- Amaan Raja

A brilliant photo of Mt. Chaukhambha captured while on the back from Kheerganga. Photo by Amaan Raja

What makes this photo stand out is the still and clear reflection of the mountain in the pond.

Congratulations Amaan Raja! You have won an Indiahikes surprise Goodie Bag from Indiahikes.

With that, we come to the end of Indiahikes February 2023 Photo Contest. If these photos piqued your interest, I would nudge you to check out the nominations. Those photos too were almost as good!

Please note: We will announce the theme for our March 2023 Photo Contest in a couple of days. So stay tuned!

Bharath Ramesh

Video Editor

About the author

Bharath is a Video Editor at Indiahikes.

Bharath is from Bangalore. He has completed his Master's in Accounting and Leadership from Australia. He worked as an accountant in Melbourne for two and a half years before returning to India.

Bharath joined Indiahikes in 2021 as a Finance associate before joining the video team. He has done many treks in Australia. Cradle Mountain in Tasmania being his favorite among them.

Even though he hasn't been on a Himalayan trek, he completely resonates with the vision and values of Indiahikes. His work adds a lot of meaning to his life.

Bharath dreams of trekking the Chhattisgarh Jungle Trek to explore its wildlife and dense jungle. He also wishes to explore a winter Himalayan trek soon.

Photography and video making is Bharath's biggest hobby. He even has a youtube channel where he posts his travel videos.

You can write to him at