How To Choose The Best Trekking Shoes In India – The Ultimate Trekking Shoe Guide 2021

Trekking shoes play a huge role on a trek. A good pair – be it Quechua trekking shoes or shoes from Woodland – can feel like an extension of your feet. Similarly, an ill-fitting pair with thoughtless design can slow you down and even halt your trek. So, how do you choose the best trekking shoes in India?

Different shoes are suitable for different kinds of treks. Does that mean snow trekking shoes can only be used on snow? Not really. The best trekking shoes are versatile. They work well in all kinds of weather conditions.

This brings us to the next question – which are the best trekking shoes in India? And how do you make this choice?

Many trekkers write to us asking about – what trekking shoes to buy?

And because this is a crucial choice, we have put together a complete guide which covers all topics, right from how to buy trekking shoes, 5 Best Trekking Shoes In India to reviews and how to maintain them.

So, if you’re looking for information on trekking shoes, search no more. This guide is everything you need to know about how to choose the best.

Here are the broad topics we will cover in this blog.

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How To Choose The Best Trekking Shoes in India

You need to look at 5 things while choosing your trekking shoes:

1. Check for good grip in the trekking shoe

The best way to recognize a trekking shoe with good grip is to look at the grooves. They will be deep. A shoe with good grip will have mud, slush, dirt getting stuck in its grooves. That’s a sign of deep grooves that’s gripping on the mud. Make sure your shoes have deep grooves and good grip.


2. Look for softness and flexibility of shoe sole

You will be walking on different kinds of terrain and your shoes need to adapt to it. A soft and flexible sole is great at doing this. But how do you check for that?

Take a hard, metallic object, say a key and just tap on the sole. Listen to the noise it makes. A soft sole makes a dull sound. If you hear a sharp sound, know that it’s too hard and such a sole will not work on a trek.


3. Go for ankle support in the trekking shoe

A lot of running shoes and sports shoes come with a lot of flexibility and good grip. But what they lack is ankle support. In the Himalayas you will be walking on rough terrain. You will be climbing up and down and your ankle is prone to twisting in unusual angles. And that’s when your trek can end. And you don’t really want that to happen. To prevent this, you need good ankle support and make sure your trekking shoes provide good ankle support.


4. Choose Snug-fit shoe

Always test the shoes for the right fit. Ideally, you should buy trekking shoes one size larger than your normal size. Without the extra space, you’d develop shoe bites due to the constant rubbing of the toe against the shoe wall and it gives you extra room for your woolen socks (especially for the winter treks).

A shoe which is a size larger than your normal size will protect you from shoe bites and will give your feet enough space to breathe.


5. Water Resistance is crucial

A Himalayan Trek or a Monsoon Trek in the Ghats require water-resistant shoes. This is because trekkers will be trekking through snow, rain, water bodies or other regions where your feet can get wet. If your shoe is not water-resistant, chances are that you will develop shoe bites or some form of calluses owing to wet feet. Additionally, it’s uncomfortable to trek long distances in wet socks and flooded shoes.

Therefore, it’s best to buy shoes which are water-resistant (remember you want water-resistant shoes and not water-proof shoes).

An added layer of leather or resin will really help. It ensures that when you step into a puddle for 3-4 seconds, your shoe does not get wet or water doesn’t seep in. So, water-resistance is important.


| Note: Make sure it’s not water proof because your feet won’t be able to breathe in a water-proof shoes. And it will get sweaty and stinky. There’s a chance your trek mates will not let you inside the tent if your feet are stinking 🙂

Also, wear your shoes for about two weeks or so to break them in.

| In 2011, Founder of Indiahikes, Arjun Majumdar, had shared a video on similar lines from the Rupin Pass trek. You may view it here:

Types Of Trekking Shoes

1. Hiking Shoes

These are similar to sports shoes, but with stronger grip. They are also more robust.

  Where are they used:
These are lightweight shoes that have flexible soles. They are ideal for short treks when you don’t have to carry heavy loads on your back. You may use them for the following treks:

  • Day/Weekend treks
  • Treks in warm weather
  • Treks on dry terrain (not suitable for rainy season)

Features To Watch out for:

  • Light and flexible soles
  • Snug fit
  • Average grip
  • Easy to wear and remove

Recommended brands:
Some of the popular and recommended hiking shoe brands are Forclaz Fresh, Arpenaz Flex series, Salomon, Woodland and Weinbrenner low ankle series.

2. Trekking Shoes

Trekking shoes are a grade above hiking shoes. They are usually shoes with good ankle support:

Where are they used:
These shoes are made for trekking in various seasons and for trekking in different gradients. They are ideal for

  • Longer treks, usually week-long treks
  • Treks that involve carrying 7kg+ backpacks
  • Good for trekking in snow and rain.
  • Moderately water-resistant

Features To Watch out for:

  • Water resistance: The upper part of the trek boots is usually made of leather, suede or a synthetic material like Gore-tex (GTX) or Nova Dry
  • Deep grooves: This ensures a strong grip.
  • Ankle support: This saves you from painful ankle twists on uneven trails. But this also makes it heavier. And you need to get used to wearing it – breaking in – a couple of weeks before your trek starts.

Recommended brands:
Some of the popular and recommended brands are Forclaz, Quechua, Salomon. They are generally priced between Rs 3000 to 8000.

3. Mountaineering Boots

Expedition boots or Mountaineering boots aren’t required on usual treks. Or for any of the treks that Indiahikes is presently running.

Where are they used:
Mountaineering boots are needed on ice, rocks, crevasses, glaciers. They are crafted to grip these lofty surfaces.

Features To Watch out for:

  • Thick soles with aggressive out-soles
  • Robust fabric on the outside
  • In-sole padding to cushion the foot
  • Ankle support
  • Supports crampons

Recommended brands:
These boots are more expensive, with prices starting upwards of Rs.10,000. Some of the popular and recommended expedition boots are Forclaz 900 and Salomon Quest 4D 3 GTX. Other brands such as Merrell, Scarpa, Keen and La Sportiva can be considered, but are not easily available in India.

4. Trekking Shoes For Women

Trekking shoe manufacturing companies are coming up with special trekking shoes that are designed for women’s feet.

Where are they used:

The heel-to-ball length, as well as the width of in-step and heel is larger for men. So, shoe companies began designing a slimmer shoe that cater specifically to women’s feet.

Features To Watch Out For:

  • Slimmer shape
  • Special material at the in-sole and mid-sole for Q-angle
  • Snug-fit

Recommended Brands: Some great shoes under this category are Trek 100 and MH100 for women by Decathlon. Apart from that, you may opt for Merrell Women’s Moab 2 Mid Ventilator and Salomon X ULTRA 3 GTX W

Here’s a video that talks about the difference between Trekking Shoes and Sports Shoes, and which one is right for your trek:

List Of Best Trekking Shoes In India

Trekker’s Choice: Top 5 Trekking Shoes Recommended By Trekkers

(As per Indiahikes Instagram Survey) 

Talking about the top choice, a representative of Decathlon confirmed that Forclaz Trek 100 is their highest selling product and now they are aiming to come out with a new variant.

Forclaz 500 High/Trek 100: Excellent Hiking Shoes For Rough Himalayan Terrain

“We are introducing Trek 100 Textile boots in India. It is a beginner trekker boots focused mostly on the comfort of the trekker and is eco-friendly, which is made up of 100% natural rubber outsole. It also has 100% recycled outer and black lining is dope dyed, reducing water consumption and CO2 emission during the process.
PU Midsole is used for cushioning to provide comfort for several day’s treks. Trek 100 Textile also has a waterproof membrane and is tested with 30,000 flexes of waterproofing,” says Karim Zameziati – Product Manager (Mountain Trekking Boots) Decathlon.

And coming to a variety close to the fifth option – Salomon Quest 4D 2 GTX – we think it is great for seasoned trekkers. We have reviewed it here:

Salomon Quest 4D 2 GTX: All-Terrain Hiking Shoes for Seasoned Trekkers

From The Trek Leaders’ Cabinet

Salomon X ULTRA 3 GTX W
Trek Leader Ayushi who likes the grip of the shoes especially while descends. The shoes also have a snug fit which minimizes fatigue. She especially likes the Gore-Tex in the shoes which keep her feet dry inside the shoes.

Trek Leader Nitesh swears by this model because it was his first-ever trek shoe after years of trekking in canvas and running shoe. “I used it for 2 years, 30 treks. And I still love it because it’s too light in weight. The traction is also first-rate with any surface and it is highly durable with rough condition,” he says.

Top 6 Budget Trekking Shoes In India Under INR 4,000

Here’s a list of trekking shoes that our trekkers swear by! We know because we conducted a survey and listed the top trekking shoes that showed up in the responses. But before we get to the list, here are two things you must keep in mind:

  • These are shoes that have been recommended by trekkers who have used them.
  • Most of these shoes are perfectly suited for local treks and easy-moderate Himalayan treks like Kedarkantha and Dayara Bugyal. But for a very long, difficult Himalayan trek, I would choose wisely out of these.

The list at a glance:

  1. Quechua NH100 Hiking / Trekking Shoes
  2. NH150 Trekking Shoes from Quechua
  3. Quechua MH100 Trekking Shoes
  4. Wildcraft Hypagrip Trekking Shoes
  5. Campus Sports Hiking Shoes by Action
  6. Woodland Trekking Shoes

1. Quechua NH100 Trekking Shoes

They’re perfectly fine for trekking in the Western Ghats though. They have ankle support and are pretty sturdy. But they don’t have any water resistance. So you cannot use them for trekking in snow or rain. They are good shoes for light and mostly dry hikes.


Trekking Shoes Review: “Pros: (1) High quality build. (2) Abuse friendly, can take rough usage with a lot of ease. (2) Good traction/grip. (3) Pocket friendly price. (4) Comfortable wear. Cons: (1) Not water resistant. (2) Not suitable slippery ice-trek trails.” – Zulfi

2. Quechua NH150 Trekking Shoes

This is a grade higher than the NH100 because it is water-resistant. It can last up to 2 hours in water as it has a water-resistant coating and a water-proof membrane.

It has a good Cross Contact sole with mid-ankle support. This one is suitable even for Himalayan treks, but not for very difficult terrain like Pin Bhaba Pass or Kanamo Peak.


Trekking Shoes Review: “The shoes are comfortable, dry off easily and provide great grip even on wet, slippery stones. Great shoes for the given price point” – Vashisht

2. Quechua MH100 Trekking Shoes

This is another shoe that is branded as a hiking shoe. It falls within a good budget and ticks all the right boxes — the sole has good grip, it has ankle support, a flexible sole and water resistance.

For most of our easy, moderate and even moderate-difficult Himalayan treks like Rupin Pass, these shoes will work. They are slightly on the higher end of budget trekking shoes though, costing around Rs 3,500.


Trekking Shoes Review: “I have used the shoes on several Sahyadri treks in winters and rainy as well and also used them at Buran Ghati in snow as well. It’s been almost a year since I bought it, and these shoes are in great condition. They are helpful in all kind of terrain, also they are zero maintenance, and easily washable.” – Raj Shah

4. Wildcraft Hypagrip Trekking Shoes

Surprisingly, Wildcraft also has a list of “budget” trekking shoes. They are never known to be “budget” anything. And there is a loophole too.

These shoes cost Rs 2,500 on portals like Flipkart, but they are well over that (~ Rs 4,000) on the official site. So getting this at a budget price depends on your luck.

The shoes, on the other hand, are pretty decent for Himalayan treks. They score high in the traction department. But certain reviews suggest the water-resistance is very basic. So we wouldn’t recommend it for a monsoon trek. If you’re an occasional trekker, these shoes would suit you.


Trekking Shoes Review: “It worked pretty well during my Sandakphu trek!! But I cant say whether it will last long or not as I used that only for one trek and also haven’t used it in snow.” – Utpal Gogoi

5. Campus Sports Hiking Shoes by Action

20% of our trekkers recommended this shoe and it costs less than Rs 1000. What an absolute steal! The trick is to buy this offline, or you may have to spend a long time finding the right shoe online.

This is not your ideal shoe for Himalayan treks. It has no ankle support, and is not meant for rough terrain with long hours of trekking everyday.

But it works beautifully for treks in the Western Ghats, and can even survive a light shower. From Indiahikes, Saurabh Sawant, who treks extensively in the Sahyadris and has been using it for a long time, even in rain. His only issue is that it gets a bit heavy when it gets wet and takes a long time to dry.


Trekking Shoes Review: “These are the perfect budget trekking shoes. Used them in rock, scree, snow, rain, grass. They have both low and high ankle versions, and I use the high ankle one. Their only pitfall is they’re not waterproof, but it doesn’t get more value for money in terms of trekking shoes than this.” – Saini Krishnamurthy

6. Woodland Trekking Shoes

These shoes are sturdy and durable as any trekking shoe, but have the same issue as most Woodland shoes — they are heavier than other brands’ trekking shoes, and also don’t work well in rain. And at around Rs 3,500, they aren’t too budget-friendly.


But this review brought it under the spotlight.

Trekking Shoes Review: “Contrary to popular opinion about woodland shoes, I found these shoes to be an excellent fit, utility and buy and they are affordable too. These shoes give an excellent grip on snow, gravel and boulders..they are lightweight, have good ankle support and are pretty durable as well..I have been using them for the last three years, though I have done only about 6 treks, I have used them extensively for my workouts including running.” – Abhishek Vaddadi

| Bonus Review:

Forclaz 500 Warm: Pocket-friendly Hiking Shoes for all Weather Conditions

Note: If you have used any of these budget trekking shoes or other than the ones recommended above, share your experience here:

This chart will give you an overall idea of what trekkers are opting for:Brand-Preference-Shoe-Chart-Indiahikes

Rent Himalayan Trekking Shoes

With all options on the table, you see that even budget trekking shoes aren’t inexpensive. But if you wish to be economical with your trekking budget (which we suggest you should be!), then rent trekking shoes instead of buying them. This way, you get to use shoes worth Rs 4000 by paying just Rs 690 for them. Think about it.

The money you save can then be spent on other things – like travel, or your next trek!

How We Clean And Maintain Our Rental Shoes At Indiahikes

If you’re trekking with Indiahikes, you can rent gear from us, by clicking here.

How To Clean And Maintain Your Trekking Shoes

Buying trekking shoes is expensive. So if you buy a pair, make sure to maintain it well. And here are 5 things you must do to keep your trekking sure in good shape after a grueling trek:

1. Cleaning
2. Drying
3. Treating
4. Repairing
5. Storing

1. How To Clean Your Trekking Shoes:

Thumb Rule is to clean your trekking shoes every time you return from a trek.

Don’t leave them dirty. The accumulation of mud and grime on the upper fabric of the trekking shoes adversely affects the waterproofing. This reduces the breathable nature of your boot. So, always clean your shoes after a trek to remove dirt residues.

Steps to cleaning your trekking shoes:

You need – A soft brush (an old toothbrush works well) or sponge and lukewarm water.


  1. Before cleaning the uppers, bang the soles of your shoes against each other in order to get rid of any remaining dust and mud. 
  2. Then, lightly soak the brush in water and clean the exteriors to remove all dirt stains.
  3. Use lukewarm water, a soft toothbrush to scrub out the outer dirt from trekking shoes.

2. How To Keep Your Trekking Shoes Dry:

It’s evident that you need to dry your shoes after cleaning them. But even if you skip cleaning, you still should not skip drying your shoes.

Trekking shoes get exposed to a lot of moisture, like sweat, rain. So, it’s necessary to dry your shoes before storing them. Storing damp or wet shoes causes mould growth and it can affect the quality of its breathability. So, let your trekking shoes air dry for at least 24 hours.

Steps to dry your trekking shoes:

  1. Remove the insole and undo the laces so that the shoes can breathe and dry faster. 
  2. Leave the shoes to dry at room temperature. 
  3. Don’t expose the shoes to a direct source of heat like fire, dryers, blow dryers or direct sun because this could crack them up and damage the waterproofing. It may lead to discolouration and weakening of adhesives as well, or premature aging in leather shoes. 
  4. Instead, leave your shoes under a fan to dry.

3. Waterproofing Your Trekking Shoes:

With usage, a lot of shoes lose their waterproofing ability. This feature is restored using sprays that aid water in slipping off easily without entering the shoe. After cleaning and drying, you may treat your shoes with re-waterproofing sprays to maintain their water-resistance. You will find re-waterproofing sprays and greases in all major online stores or market sports stores.

| Note: None of the treatments promise fool-proof water-resistance.

How To Use Re-Waterproofing Sprays On Trekking Shoes:

The treatment is required only once or twice a year.

  1. Follow the standard application rules written on such sprays. 
  2. Spray the product evenly all over your shoe. Pay more attention to the seam and joints areas, since most of the water enters from here. 
  3. Leave them for a full day to dry and absorb the spray. Caution: Don’t try to increase the speed of drying by using an external heat source (hairdryers, sun, etc)

How To Use Re-Waterproofing Grease On Trekking Shoes:

This product is specifically applied to leather boots to prevent premature aging, cracking of the leather by making it water repellant.

Contrary to popular belief it does not diminish the shoe’s breathability. It can also be used on membrane-type shoes. You may follow the above steps. But instead of spraying, apply the grease using a cloth.

4. Repairing:

Inspect your trekking shoes after you get back from the trek. Check for any loose stitch or a torn inner sole. And get it repaired before your next trek.

A damaged trekking shoe can lead to blisters and loss of balance on a trek. So, do not take this risk and keep your trekking shoes in good shape.

Tip: Here’s a video on how to fix your trekking shoe if the sole comes off.

5. How To Store Your Trekking Shoes:

Keep the following pointers in mind:

  1. Always make sure that your shoes are perfectly dry before storing them. 
  2. Store them in a dry and well-ventilated area out of direct sunlight. 
  3. If you do not plan to use them for a long period of time, stuff them with newspaper so that they keep their shape. You can also put dehumidifiers like tea-bags and silica gels to keep the shoe odour-free.

Bonus Tip: Here’s a video on the topic that is often overlooked by most trekkers, How to tie your shoelaces so that they don’t come off?


Trekking shoes can indeed make or break your trek. This is why we put together this extensive guide of information collected over the years.

Now, you need not repeat the cliched mistakes while selecting a trekking shoe.

If you have any questions, thoughts or recommendations on budget trekking shoes, which trekking shoe to purchase or how to take care of your trekking shoes, please drop them in the comments below and someone from the Indiahikes team will address them.

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328 thoughts on “How To Choose The Best Trekking Shoes In India – The Ultimate Trekking Shoe Guide 2021

  1. Hello, I am going for Chandrashila trek with you. Are this suitable for the trek?


    1. Hi Ashvin, These shoes look like they will do! They have good grip, ankle support and a few layers for water resistance. They will do.

      1. Hi! Swati,

        I’m going for a Kuari Pass trek too..Easy grade, but may have to walk on snow, somneed water proof ones. I like the Lee Cooper shoe. Will it be good for my purpose?

        1. Hi Swati,
          Where are you going glacier trekking?
          Crampons might not fit on these shoes but micro spikes will. Also, these shoes will not be suitable for hard core trekking. You might want to consider Forclaz 100 and Forclaz 500 as well.

      2. Hey Swati,

        I wanted to know which shoes will best suit for Rupin Pass as Forclaz are not available in UK 12 size.

        Kindly suggest some product in UK 12 size

  2. Hi, We will be registering for the Deoriatal-Chandrashila trek in early April. This is going to be our first trek experience. Which shoes do you recommend? Please suggest for both men and women.

      1. For amaranth Yarra which shoes are recommended is action trek are good do waterproof really required for amarnath

        1. Hi Sankalp, honestly we don’t recommend Action shoes- they have poor grip, but for Amarnath yatra, they should work fine. If you are planning to buy something, then buy something tha has better grip- the Forclaz series is a good bet. 🙂

          1. Forclaz series isnt good for a trek in bolder zone and rocky Area. You can injured for this weak shoe…

  3. Hi! I’m planning on going trekking in Ladakh. Please suggest some (preferably ankle support) women’s shoes since I’m a beginner.

    1. Hi Ananya, the Forclaz 500 shoes for women is a good one! It will last you many treks and is a good investment! 🙂

  4. Hi Swati. This is my first expedition and my budget is tight. So what shoes do you suggest for a 8 day Roopkund trek ? (Range 4k-7k)

    1. Hi Namesh, you can go for Quechua shoes. The Forclaz series, especially Forclaz 500 or 600 would be a good option! It will cost you around Rs.3000 and you can buy it at Decathlon.

      1. Hi Swati,

        Even i am trekking Roopkund and wanted to know how if this is a good choice: Hi-Tec V-Lite Sphike Mid Wp Outdoors Shoe.
        There is not much news about the brand Hi-Tec in India but globally they seem to have a good repo.
        Can you please advice?
        PS: Thanks for all your videos about preparing for the trek. Good job!

  5. Hello, when i searched for Forclaz 500, there are 2-3 options ranging from3500-6000 ₹? i’m going for Buran Ghati this on 5th June batch. Any particular suggestion?

    1. You can go for any of them. Forclaz 500 is a good shoe. Just make sure you get ones with ankle support. That’s very important!

        1. They aren’t very good. They have got poor grip- You will slip and fall multiple times on slopes.

          Why don’t you go for Forclaz series?

          1. Lol Aswati… I have done a hell lot of treks on action trekking shoes. They have the best grip to any other costliest brand. They are a little uncomfortable from inside as the material inside is very tough. It’s okay if you want to promote quechua but please don’t speak anything about other shoes.

          2. At least in Maharashtra avid trekker vouch about action trekking shoes..
            It has some limitation, but the above claim about grip is totally biased..
            Action trekking has great grip.. However it lacks cushion..
            (CTR [Coaster] is also a great one. It is giving good fight to Action trekking. It has cushion, but is heavy compared to Action ones).
            There are some other shoes like military/hunter types (Bata had hunter shoes during 1990-2000 era.. But no more).. Now a days people do not prefer hunter shoes (Scarcity of good Hunter shoes & available ones do not have good grip) , though I personally use those too.

    1. Hi Parth, these shoes have partial ankle support. They should be fine for one or two treks. But if you are looking to do many more treks in life (which you probably will, after the Roopkund trek), then I would suggest you go for shoes with full ankle support. A Forclaz 100, 500 or 600 will work well.

    1. Hi Sahil, Arpenaz 100 is a pretty good shoe but will not last you more than 2-3 treks. If you are looking for a long term investment, then I would suggest going for the Forclaz series. Also, make sure the shoes you buy have ankle support. That is possibly the most important thing!

  6. Hi swati, My mom & dad will be visiting to Kailash Mansarovar parikrama in june. I have bought shoes which are ARPENAZ 50 MID MEN HIKING BOOTS BLACK (for DAD) & ARPENAZ 50 MID WOMEN HIKING BOOTS PINK (for Mom). The link for both of the shoes is shown below.

    Please let me know are these shoes suitable for this kind of trekking ? If no then suggest so I can change it in due course of time for smooth journey of my parents.

    Thanks in advance.

    1. Hi Kunal, these shoes will work fine for the Kailash Manasarovar trek. You can go with them! 🙂

      1. Thank you dear for your prompt response on the above matter. Just one more point can these shoes be fine for walking on rough terrain, cross streams, climb steep trails, jump from boulder to boulder and traverse a pass high in the mountains at 19,200 ft, rain, snowy terrain during kailash mansarovar parikrama. Thanks in advance.

        1. Hi Kunal, it will be enough. I would suggest you get a higher ankle support. This one just covers half the ankle. Perhaps Forclaz 500 is something you could look at if your parents intend to do more treks. But just for one or two treks, these shoes will suffice.

          1. Their visit will be one time (as it’s a lifetime opportunity to visit kailash mansoarovar). I am going ahead with the selected shows as per your suggestion. Thank you so much for time & kind advice.

  7. I have a Red chief shoe which I used on the trek to Roopkund. That time I didn’t walk over snow. I am going to Rupin which presumably will have snow. Not sure if the shoes would be good enough or would accomodate crampons. They were comfortable enough the previous time.

    1. Does your shoe have ankle support? That’s terribly important on a trek. Also, good grip is important. If you’re trekking with Indiahikes, we provide micro spikes that are attachable to most shoes. Nevertheless, you will need good grip to walk even on non-snowy terrain.

    1. Hi Prathima, does your shoe have ankle support? If so, then it should work fine. As long as the sole isn’t worn out, it will be alright.

  8. I have a woodland boot with good ankle support, made of leather model no. GB 1276113. Can I use it for a week long trek?

    1. Hi! If your shoes are in good condition, then you can use them on the trek. Which one are you planning to go for?

  9. Am going on a monsoon trek and am looking for a good pair of shoes which will give me a good grip over wet rocky surfaces. Will the Arpenaz 50 suit my purpose? Or if you can suggest the right one?

    1. That is a good shoe, but it won’t last you many treks. Forclaz 600 is a more durable shoe. You can wear it on wet surfaces and trek comfortably as well!

    1. Hi Anuj, you can use Forclaz shoes. Forclaz 500 High is a new shoe, it’s really good! It costs around 6k but it’s worth it. You could go for that. If not that, then Forclaz 600 will also do.

    1. You can use a Forclaz or Arpenaz shoe for this trek. Something with ankle support and good grip, especially if you are planning to trek there around monsoon.

  10. Hi Swathi,
    This was very helpful! I’m going for the Pin -Parvati trek in the month of August. Can you please tell which shoes I should buy.
    Your AMS videos were very helpful.

    1. Hi Tashi, you can use a Forclaz 600 for this trek. Make sure whatever shoes you wear is in good condition before the trek. The trail is quite rugged so you’ll need to it to last long. Also ensure your shoes have good ankle support and good grip! Also, I’ve replied to your email. 🙂

  11. I am going for a 28 day Basic Mountaineering Course at JIM,Kashmir during August. Can you suggest a durable trekking shoe for this purpose.
    Thanks in advance.

    1. Hi Romit, my friend recently got the Forclaz 500 High shoes. It’s a new model and it’s very good. It should last you long as well. If not that, Forclaz 600 is good. I’ve been using a pair and it has lasted me more than 5 high altitude treks and very many local treks.

  12. Hi, we have registered for Hampta pass trek in 1st week of August with you guys. Can you suggest good shoes for the same for boys as well as girls? Thanks.

    1. Hi Gopal, I would suggest going for the Forclaz series by Decathlon. Forclaz 500 and 600 are very good options.

  13. Hi Swathi, I will be going on a trek to Tadiandamol. The weather forecast says chances for rain are 90% . So The trek level is between normal to Medium. Please can you suggest which shoes i should go for as this is my first monsoon Trek.

    Thanks in advance.

    1. Hi Suresh, the trick is to invest in good shoes that will work for you under all weather conditions – rain or snow. I would suggest going for the Forclaz 500 or 600 by Decathlon. If you are not planning to trek the Himalayas, then even Forclaz 100 will be enough.

  14. Hi Swathi,
    I recently bought “ARPENAZ 100 MEN’S WATERPROOF HIKING BOOTS” ( I found the shoe very slippery on wet rocks in Dalma hill range. Grip was OK on mud & grass but on wet rock, it was horrible. I am going to upgrade it into “QUECHUA FORCLAZ 100 MEN’S HIGH WATERPROOF HIKING SHOES” ( Pls. suggest me if this new one would be ok for low to mid altitude trek. I am asking cause I have noticed some comments on slipping issue of this shoe too. Does it happen if the shoe is just new, straight off the self?

    1. Hi Anirban, I haven’t used the Arpenaz shoes myself, but I have heard that it isn’t very good. But for a low budget, it’s the best option. It wouldn’t be very good on a high altitude trek. I would suggest you go for Forclaz 500 or 600 if possible. They are better than Forclaz 100. If you’re investing in shoes, might as well invest in good ones that are more durable!

    1. Hi Swarnadeep, The shoe looks good- it has a decent grip. However, the uppers are not very breathable. After a day’s hike, it will stink horribly.
      The price is a good attraction though.

  15. Hey, I am going for a trek in uttaranchal. I came across a boot called Orazo Picus which has got very very good reviews in other forums. It has the following features:

    1) Steel toe protection
    2) Ankle twist protection
    3) anti-slip sole
    4) shock absorptions

    It costs between rs. 2500-4500 . are these features desirable in a trekking boot?

    Could you also tell me which one of the boots would be the best bet, as i want it to also double up as a riding boot.

  16. Should I get shoes with high ankle support if majority of my treks are going to be in the Western Ghats and not more than once a year in the Himalayas?

    Should I get a different pair for the trek in the Himalayas and in Sahyadri?

    1. Hi Nikhil, go for one pair of shoes for all your treks. Once you’re used to trekking in one pair of shoes, it’s not easy to suddenly get into another one. Ankle support is important no matter where you’re trekking, especially while ascending, descending and where the trail is uneven. So go for one good pair of shoes and that will do!

  17. It’s really fruitful information to know that a good pair of shoes with an ankle support is more convenient & safer. I also often trek either short or long. And I found a pair of light water proof, cheap & best sandle is very convenient to replace from time to time depending on weather o &trail or path’s conditions besides it can be used as slippers as well while resting at a lodge. At least two pair of moderately thick woolen shocks should be carried.

    1. Hi Tejas, you can go for Quechua shoes. Forclaz 500 or 600 are excellent options! Water resistant, high ankle support and good grip. You will need all of these features for a trek like Hampta Pass. You will get these shoes at Decathlon.

  18. Which are the best shoes recommended for trekking in sahyadhri’s/western ghats slippery rocks during monsoons?

  19. Is quechua arpenaz 50 good enough for kedarkantha trek in December?? Or any cheap alternative for Forclaz series?

    1. Hi Akshay, Quechua Arpenaz has low ankle support. I suggest you look for something that has high ankle support- you would need it in your climb to Kedarkantha summit. We recommend Forclaz 500.

        1. Hi Nisarg, These shoes are not good for trekking in snow. The waterproofing isn’t too good and the sole might come off while trekking.

      1. Hello Aswati… On your Kedakantha Trek page you have recommended forclaz 600 can you please suggest which shoes will do… Forclaz 500 or Forclaz 600… Also as I have just started to treks and don’t want to invest in multiple shoes.. Will these shoes serve my needs for most treks shoes in wet or snowy terrains…many thanks and awaiting response 🙂

  20. Hi Swati,

    I am going for Mani Mahesh Trek this August. Considering Rainy Season, requirements for Shoes (as explained by you in video) Good Ankle, Good Grip on Wet Surface, Muddy Grounds, on Rocks and in Ice/ Snow, + Flexibility for comfort during the trek), would you be kind enough to suggest me a good budget shoes for trekking?

    For your ease, below are some of my selected one (as per your suggestions), please advice, which one is better or all are suitable (if it is from one of the suggested shoes):

    1) Power Men’s – Brown Hiking Shoes

    2) Lee Cooper – Coffee Outdoor Shoes

    3) Lee Cooper – Olive Outdoor Shoes

    4) Lee Cooper – Olive Outdoor & Hiking Shoes


    5) Lee Cooper – Camel Outdoor Shoes

    6) Hi-Tec – Men’s Leather Trekking and Hiking Boots

    Please reply as soon as you read this message.

    Thanks & Regards,
    Vishal Trivedi

    1. Hi Vishal, Apologies for the late response. I suggest you go with Hi-Tec Trekking and Hiking Boots. They are very good shoes. Most of the others don’t seem to have a good sole for grip.

  21. I have a question unlike others. I’m not a professional hiker or trekker; I’m interested in buying a pair of shoes that satisfies the following criteria:
    1. It should remain comfortable to my feet for long hours; say, from 10 am to 8 pm.
    2. It should be waterproof and cleaning mud off its surface should be possible and hassle-free.
    3. It should be extremely durable and withstand occasional long walks though urban alleyways.
    4. I tend to walk fast; so I need my ankle and toes not to strain, and any extra support from the shoes would be very much appreciated.
    5. My budget is around 4K-6K.
    I am a rookie, and don’t properly understand all the technical details that should accompany the decision of buying a perfect pair of shoes. I, therefore, sincerely hope that I’ll receive some useful pieces of advice from here!

    1. Hi Diganta, I think Forclaz 600 should satisfy all your criterias and will last you many treks. It is a good investment to make- high ankle, water resistant and with good grip.:)

      1. Thanks Ms Anand…well, that’d be stretching my budget a bit. But it appears it’s a significant improvement upon Forclaz 500. It’s availability is going to be a problem though, since Decathlon showrooms are hard to come by…and I cannot simply order a pair like this without first trying it on!

        1. Try the Orazo Picus. I have been using the for treks and biking for 2 years now. Very comfortable and have a lot of safety features. They have ankle protection, water resistant properties, anti skid sole and are pretty light too. They cost around Rs. 4200

          1. I see. Thanks Rohan. Could you please let me know where it’s available? Doesn’t appear that one can easily access this pair…

  22. Hi,i am going for nag tibba trek by India hikes in august,i am going for the first time,is it safe in monsoon,n are woodland shoes appropriate for the trek.

    1. Hi Ayush, if you already have Woodland shoes, then I think you can manage with it. It is not something I would recommend you buy for treks though.

  23. hi ,

    kinda get tough to locate a forclaz 600, any other model that can be suggested for the coming up trek of hampta pass in sept ?

    1. Hi Dev, For Rupin Pass, I suggest you go with Forclaz 100. While Arpenaz 100 looks fine as well, it might stink after a day’s trek. 🙂

  24. Hi Aswati,

    The latest Forclaz 500 slips like hell on wet rocks. Looks like the sole is now “essensole”
    Very comfortable otherwise.

    I had owned the older Forclaz 500 (7 years ago) and Forclaz 600 shoes (4 years ago) and never faced an issue ! The Forclaz 500 was the best in comfort and was good even on wet rocks !

    Any suggestions for shoes with good grip on wet rocks?

    PS: request to display comments latest first order … would be more relevant in the long run


  25. Hi Aswati !

    Update: The latest Forclaz 500 (Aug 2016) from Decathlon claims better traction with the “crosscontact sole”

    I have not tried it though.


    1. Hi Debojit, I just saw the shoe. It looks really narrow (not enough space for your feet to move around and is so expensive. You’ll get better shoes for the same price from Decathlon or even Wildcraft. I would suggest you go for one of them.

  26. hi swathi,
    i am going for chandrashilla trek with IH in dec, and am bit confused which shoes shall i go for. my budget is near to 5k. pls advice.

    1. Hi Aditya,

      You can go for Forclaz 500 or 600. They will fall under your budget. There is also a new pair of shoes that is quite good – Forclaz 500 High. It costs around Rs.6000 but is worth the investment if you are going to be trekking in future! 🙂

    1. Hi Gaurav, I suggest Forclaz 500. They are a hood investment for Himalayan treks- it will last you many treks. Any hiking shoe you buy, make sure it fits these criterias: ankle support(prime importance), good grip and lastly, water resistance. 🙂

  27. Hi guys,
    I have just returned home from Roookund Trek. The forclaz 600 that I was using is awesome. I bought the shoes a week prior to my trek & didn’t get opportunity to break it before my trek. This shoes don’t require breaking, it is perfect if you use it brand new your trek. Not a single blister, very good grip, water proof, robust & good looking too. I really made a good investment. Planning for Sandakphu Phalut trek in late Dec.

  28. Hi,
    I am looking for shoes to give me comfort while walking for short trek of max one day. I don’t treck freuently but hardly once in two months. They need not be fully waterproof. As I m not a professional trekker I don’t want to invest much. Which brand would u recommend

    1. Hi Kedar, if you’re doing non-Himalayan one day treks, even a good pair of sports shoes will suffice, as long as they have good grip. You don’t need to invest in a hiking shoe. But if you particularly want a hiking shoe that isn’t very expensive, you can go for Quechua Arpenaz 50. They’re fairly decent even for short Himalayan treks.

  29. HI Swathi ,

    I am just starting trekking. I am practicing a small hike every morning at a small hill ( 300 mts may be ) near my home in mumbai. I intend to participate in a long duration hikes of himalayas with indiahikes.
    Can you reccomand me what are the shoes that I should look for. How about having a separate paIR FOR my everyday morning hike and a high end shoes for himalayas. I have seen these forclaz 500 helium hiking shoes for very good discount. Can I have your opinion on these. What will you prefer ? Just the one pair of shoes both purpose or different for each.

    1. Hi Manish, the shoes you have sent will suit your daily hikes. But for the Himalayas, you will need something with high ankle support so that your legs don’t twist easily. You can go for either the Forclaz 500 High or Forclaz 500 Warm. Both of them are very good shoes for Himalayan treks.

      1. Thanks Swathi. I am visiting bangalore on 8 , 9 & 10 december. Can you suggest me a group with which I can go trekking around bangalore before or after these dates.

  30. I am confused which shoes to buy… Forclaz 100 or Forclaz 500 warm.. Both cost same 3,999/-rs which one should be more useful considering future treks in mind… awaiting your reply soon… Thanks…

    1. Hi Subhajit you can go for these shoes. But Rs.8000 for them is a bit too much. You can go for Forclaz 500 high instead. It’s a good shoe that has been tested on the most challenging terrain. You can save around Rs.2000. But the Adidas shoes also will work.

  31. Hi Swathi/Aswati,

    Most of you suggestions are Forclaz 500/600, but i have some confusion here as there are some name changes and introduction of new models in same series.

    So could you please help me out to choose the perfect shoe between these two(FORCLAZ 100 HIGH MEN & FORCLAZ 500 WARM)for Kuari-Pass trek during december end/jan first week.

    1. FORCLAZ 100 HIGH(I hope this is Forclaz 500 earlier) –
    2. FORCLAZ 500 WARM –

    Both comes in same price tag.

    Thanks in advance.

    1. Hi Prasanth, I would suggest you go for Forclaz 100 High. It’s a good shoe that works in all weathers. The Warm shoes are meant for winter treks only. If you wear them in summer or on local treks, your feet will get very sweaty and they may smell. Go for Forclaz 100 High.

  32. Hey i am going for the Brahmatal trek in the last week of january, which will be a snowy terrain so kindly let me know which shoes are the best. I have heard forclaz 500 is good but what is the difference between forclaz 500 warm / high?

    1. Hi Disha, Forclaz 500 High is slightly more expensive. Also it is suitable to all kinds of weather. Forclaz 500 Warm will mostly keep your feet warm and is suitable for winter treks. If you wear it on a trek in South India, your feet might not be able to breathe. I would suggest the Forclaz High, simply because of its adaptability.

    1. Hi Mansi, you can go for Quechua shoes. Forclaz 500 High is an excellent option! Water resistant, high ankle support and good grip. You will get these shoes at Decathlon.

  33. Hi Swathi,
    I am going for Kedarkantha trekking in Dec.
    I am looking for shoes.
    Forclaz 100 or Forclaz 500 seems to costly as i won’t be trekking often.
    Kindly suggest some alternate options or do we have any place where we can get them on rental.

    1. Hi Arun, if you are looking for low budget shoes, I suggest you go for Arpenaz.It is not a very good option but the best considering you dont want to trek as often.

  34. Hello Swathi,

    I followed this article and your video which is excellent but still confused regarding what shoes should i go with during my Kedarkantha trek which I am going on 16th Dec 2016, i.e. next Friday.

    I already have Woodland shoes so will that work on snow terrain or which shoes do you recommend ? I also have a little tight budget.

    I have these ones :

    I also have these :

    Last year, I completed my Roopkund trek with these shoes only in Oct 1st week and it worked well but it didn’t have snow so maybe that could be the reason.

    Appreciate your suggestions.

    1. hi parin sharing my thought see if it hepls…no1…shoes selection is highly depended on ground surface condition(snow,wet surface rocky terrain etc) and weather(specially how much raining are you expecting)..”waterproof breathable” in case of shoe or shell actually ,in real life condition means,,it delays your feet getting wet,,if you are hiking in rain or in snow for a long time forget water proof..(100%water proof is 0% breathable your feet will be wet due to sweat…) case of short brust of rain or snow “water proof breathable ” shoes does get wet a little though saving your feet getting wet.but it takes a long time to dry up..its not good…its far better to have a shoes which is highly breathable squeeze out the water while hiking and dry up very quickly,,and with extra pair of socks does better…SO RATHER THAN TRYING TO KEEP FEET DRY IT IS BETTER TO DRY UP QUICKLY …(windy cold climate will be nutralised by having extra layer of sock.) a good quality running shoe is better than italian leather water proof breathable shoes…(no 2)..carrying 500 gm extra in shoes is equals to carrying 6 times extra in backpack thats 3kg..LOOK FOR WT CAREFULLY….(NO3).soles which can bend better has a better grip…save money work with concept…:)

  35. Hi,
    I am planning to go on Kedarkantha trek in March end. This is my 1st trek and I am not sure when I’d be trekking again. So need suggestion on budget trekking shoes ~3k. Few options I came across. Please provide your suggestions.

    Fila ROVER Hiking & Trekking Shoes

    Puma Leather Trekking and Hiking Boots

    Lee Cooper Men’s Olive Leather Trekking and Hiking Boots

  36. Hello ! I am 18 years old young male and Live in mumbai city . I usually visit forts . but from now I’m being a part of a class which develop students not only by chalk n talk method but also doing extra curricular activities wchi mostly includes trekking . (usually once in two months) eg. lohagarh trek , raigad trek , etc short trek . for this I have pairs of ADIDAS & NIKE running shoes which I found most times slippery and not for this use they meant for ; so after reading u r various answers I am confused between these 1] FORCLAZ 500 HELIUM MENS HIKING SHOES
    2]ARPENAZ 50 MENS HIKING BOOTS . thnx in advance.
    and I’m enjoying treks and definitely will go for difficult or adventures treks.

  37. Hello, I currently use Arpenaz 100. I wish to upgrade my hiking shoes. I will be using them as a regular everyday shoes with a couple of treks in a year. Should I go for the Forclaz 500 new model or the Forclaz 100( forclaz 500 old model). Also, which will give better grip on wet boulders? I had few nasty falls when my shoes lost traction. Someone suggested I should go for Vibram sole shoes. Is Vibram really that great for traction? Or my needs will be met by the forclaz shoes?

  38. Hi, will you please sugges me the right trekking shoes and sandle which are good for long walk and easy for back or knee problem people. As I am 35 male. Thank you

    1. Hi Soham

      I have used the Quechua Forclaz 500 shoes and they are very good in terms of grip and comfort. They are very durable too. I would go with Quechua because they are more widely used and trusted. Wildcraft is generally more expensive.


    1. Hi Sudheer, a normal trekking shoe would do. If not, gum boots. 🙂 I did fine on the ice with my Forclaz 100 High.

    1. Hi Darshan, if you are looking at trekking in Dalhousie, I would suggest you get shoes with more ankle support. 🙂 Something in the Forclaz series would work fine- Forclaz 100 High and Forclaz 500 High.

    1. Hi Aman, I don’t think so. There will be way too much snow for the trail to be trekkable. The skiing seasons starts by then. Arpenaz 50 is not great but if that’s what you have, you can manage them. 🙂

  39. Hi to all there !
    M going for BMC from HMI this march. Please suggest me the best possible shoes available under INR 9k. I have searched forclaz 500 high, forclaz 600,Columbia BM 6007 and Columbia BM 3935. M confused by reading comments n reviews of these shoes ! Kindly suggest ..thnx

    1. Hi Akky, I think you should go for Forclaz 500 High. It can take the rough and tumble of a mountaineering course. 🙂

  40. Thank you Aswati for the prompt reply ! Plz clr one more thing …. shld I do some walking wearing these new hiking shoes or just keep them for the course?! I hv read somewhere that u shld not wear completely new shoes before a trek or a course. Is that true?

  41. excellent post, very informative. I wonder why the other experts of this sector
    do not realize this.Some extremely valid points!Hope that I could read more and more useful article like this. Keeping moving forward!!

  42. hello,
    i M PLanning for the SAR pass trekk in may. can u please suggest me some good shoes!
    i am planning to buy Arpenaz 200 quechua ? are these boots suitable?
    please do let me know!

    1. Hi Ambika the Arpenaz 200 will not be good enough for a high altitude trek. It is alright for light hikes. Go for something with ankle support – the Forclaz series is good.

  43. Adidas
    Iron Trek Leather Grey Outdoor Shoes or FIla rover hiking shoes?
    for trekking in Uttarakhand for a week …
    thanks and advance.

  44. I have a Forclaz 100(earlier Forclaz 500) which i wore in Roopkund. However, it isn’t as waterproof as the decathlon people advertised it to be. So can you(Swathi, Indiahikes) recommend a good pair of shoes for Stok Kangri? Is Forclaz 900 required? My basic requirement is that it shouldn’t get wet easily. Consider the weather at Stok

  45. Hi Swathi,
    I’m going for Annapurna Base Camp next month. I was wondering whether FORCLAZ 100
    would be a good choice or should I go with Lee Cooper?
    I am specifically concerned about the weight and breathability of the boots.

    Links ::!2992!3!53043012471

    1. Hi Arghya, I’d suggest you go for the Forclaz 100. We haven’t tried the Lee Cooper so we cannot give you an honest review.

  46. Hi Swathi I am going for the Chandrakhani Pass trek in May and I am looking out for trekking shoes. I do not want to spend much because I do not know how will my first trek experience be. Can you suggest which trekking shoes should I buy? Also, do suggest something very much in budget. Thank you very much

    1. Hi Riddhi, if your budget is low, you can go for the Arpenaz 50 High (with ankle support). This one has high ankle support and will last you a couple of high altitude treks. It is not built for high altitude trekking per se, but it serves the purpose.

  47. Are there any recommendations any other than Forclaz series.

    And if possible can you guys suggest very durable and do-everything type of shoes from some noticeable brands like woodland etc in 3000-4000 rupees range?

    1. Hi Pravin we have always received bad reviews for Woodland shoes on high altitude treks. They’re either too heavy, or lack grip. If your shoes are fairly new and in good condition, you could try them out on the trek. Honestly though, if you have the budget for it, pick up a new pair of shoes with good ankle support. That’s important on a trek.

  48. I tried to buy forclaz 500 high/ 600 women 8.5 size but not available in decathlan online store. Where can i buy them.i wish to go for msnasarovar kailash parikrama

  49. Hi I am going for Hamta Pass In July. I am looking for Vegan shoes. I mean Shoes which are not made of leather or no leather is used in them. Can you suggest something.

  50. Will gumboots do for roopkund trek for final summit day considering there will be snow in may & june and gumboots can provide protections from frostbite.

    1. Hi Mayuri. I will not recommend you wearing gumboots on a trek to the Himalayas. They are strictly for the monsoons and can in no way provide you with grip while walking on snow and other varied terrain. I will suggest you invest in proper hiking shoes.

  51. Hi Swati

    I am going for Roopkunda trek on 20th may, can you please suggest good hiking shoes .. I go for trek once in a year..also please suggest good rucksack.. not carrying sleeping bags and tent.

    1. Hi Piyush you can go for the Forclaz series by Decathlon. The Forclaz 100 will suit you best considering your usage. Wildcraft has a good range of rucksacks. You can take a look at their 50 and 55 litre rucksacks. They are sturdy and have good balance as well.

    1. These shoes will not suit a Himalayan trek at all. At the very most it might suit a trek in the Western or Eastern Ghats or some other easy hike. But it won’t suit a Himalayan trek. It doesn’t follow any of the points mentioned in the article above about picking a right shoe. Do read the article once and then head to choose your shoes for Himalayan treks.

  52. Hi swati
    I am planning for a bhrigu lake trek

    Please suggest which shoes should I buy?
    Also suggest shoes for snow trek.

    1. Hi Neha
      Depends on whether you are planning to do another trek or not. If you are only buying it for a one time trek then I would suggest you go for the ARPENAZ 50 MID LADY’S HIKING SHOES and the likes. If not, then you could go for something like Forclaz 100.

    1. Hi Sai! These shoes are fairly good. You can go for them. They might not last you very long, but they’ll serve the purpose for at least 3-4 high altitude treks if you maintain them well.

    1. Hi Darwin, I do not think thats a good idea. Please go through the article again to understand how hiking shoes are different from shoes for sports.

    1. Hi Kartikey don’t go for these shoes. The Rupin Pass has a lot of steep descents, especially the last day when you descend continuously close to 12 km. The trail is slippery with loose mud – it is an open invitation for your ankles to twist. So go for something that has high ankle support. Don’t buy this shoe.

  53. Hi Swathi

    Which shoes would you reccomend for KGL trek – during august ? Forclaz 100 / Forclaz Fresh 500 good enough ? Any other options apart from Forclaz

    1. Hi Vivek, go for Forclaz 100 High. Forclaz Fresh will not do. They are not meant for rigorous use. You could try the Amphibia series by Wildcraft. But Forclaz would be a better and more tired-and-tested choice.

  54. Hi Swathi, looking for your advise on water proof trekking shoes with good grip. Planning to trek in Maharashtra and rainy season is going on.

    1. Hello Ivneet
      You could go in for something from Quecha, Salmon or Wildcraft. All have good water proof shoes.

  55. Hi Swathi,

    I had bought quechua arpenaz 100 for trekking. I used them only once and I was really disappointed. The shoes had very poor grip and I tripped almost every time I walked on a wet surface. The problem was with rubber grip which had poor traction. Could you recommend me a pair of hiking shoes which have good grip for all kinds of terrain. I don’t trust decathlon for shoes anymore.

    1. Hi Aayush, Arpenaz shoes are meant mostly for light hikes and not rigorous treks. Forclaz is more meant for trekking. However, you can try Salomon shoes. They are a premium brand and they make very good shoes.

  56. Hi Swathi

    Which shoes would you reccomend for Valley of flowers trek in monsoon for me and my wife?

    Dr Jitender

  57. Hello!
    I’m going for Manali Hampta pass trek this July. Could you please suggest me a pair of shoes accordingly?

    1. Hi Shivam, I would suggest you try the Forclaz series. They are all quite comfortable. Make sure you buy one that is ankle length. You could also try Wildcraft amphibia series. I suggest you physically go to a store and try out the shoes rather than buy them online. You will be able to better judge which one fits comfortably. It should ideally be a size bigger considering you will be wearing them with thick woolen socks. Hope this helps 🙂

    1. Hi Hitesh, these shoes look pretty good. You can go for them. We haven’t really tried them. But going by the pictures, they look pretty solid. Go for them.

  58. These shoes look really tough and I did not know about such variety. I can think of other options as well before making a purchase. Thanks

  59. Hello…i am planing for 2 to 3 treks in Maharashtra state (rajmachi trek, Harihar Fort, Harishchandragad, Kalavantin Durg) …..can you pls guide me which shoes will be perfect for this treks..As treks are muddy and rocky in this monsoon season…i have searched and got names..forclaz 500 fresh and Fila ROVER Hiking & Trekking Shoes don’t knw this shoes are for this kind of trek or not…please recommend me for which shoes i should look for this treks.

    1. Hi Jaideep, you could make do with the Fila shoes for local hikes. Or any other basic trekking shoes. Something like Arpenaz 50 hiking shoes will also be great and not that heavy on the pocket.

  60. Hello…i am planing for 2 to 3 treks in Maharashtra state (rajmachi trek, Harihar Fort, Harishchandragad, Kalavantin Durg) …..can you pls guide me which shoes will be perfect for this treks..As treks are muddy and slippery on rocks in this monsoon season…i have searched and got names..forclaz 500 fresh and Fila ROVER Hiking & Trekking Shoes don’t knw this shoes are for this kind of trek or not…please recommend me for which shoes i should look for this treks.

    1. Hi Jaideep, you could make do with the Fila shoes for local hikes. Or any other basic trekking shoes. Something like Arpenaz 50 hiking shoes will also be great and not that heavy on the pocket.

  61. hi ,
    Swati ma’am are Hi-tec boots nice for trekking like I have this below three options tell me which should I prefer
    1 )Hi-Tec Men s Trail Ox Winter 200g Waterproof-M Snow Boot

    2)Hi-Tec Men’s Trail OX Chukka I Waterproof-M Hiking Boot

    3)Forclaz 500 high
    which is best for October to may treks?

    Thanking you
    Prem Desai

  62. Hi Swathi

    Great that you are taking time out to answer all queries. Appreciate that.

    However, I notice that you are not recommending Action Trekking shoes. I have just returned from Kailash yatra through Lipulekh route. I used Action trekkers with ankle support and believe me, I had no problems at all. Practically walked the entire distance. Used it for an earlier Kailash yatra too as for other treks in the Sahyadris. I am not a professional trekker but would recommend this to those who are not regular trekkers. It is safe, comfortable and cheap. Spending 6k on shoes that aren’t going to be used regularly is not in my opinion worth it.

  63. Hello,
    I will be going for Sandakphu trek this October with India Hikes. Can you please suggest me which shoes should I buy. Budget is between 3-3.5k.

      1. and what about gochhela trek. I am confused actually I have to go for advance mountaineering course from HMI Darjeeling. During Basic I bought a cheap local shoes due to lower grip I faced many problems I sliped many times in a little snow fall. what should I prefer for this trip. if possible suggest me some shoes under 3.5k thank you

  64. Hello,
    I am using Arpenaz 100 for more than one and half year and they have miserably failed me. I usually go for Sahyadri trek, and Arpenaz 100 worked fine for me in summer. But in the rainy season, it was very difficult to walk in muddy areas or on slippery rocks. My local shoes worked well than Arpenaz 100 in the rainy season.

    I still consider myself a new learner in trekking, and I need shoes on which I can rely on a rainy season as well. Can you suggest me any good shoe?

    1. Hello Rohan, half the fun of monsoon treks are the slippery rocks. It has very less to do with the shoe but more to do with you being nimble footed. You could try the Forclaz 100 high and see how it works for you. But on any monsoon trek, be ready for soggy shoes and a few falls here and there.

    1. Hello Kiran
      You can do the Annapurna base camp in Forclaz 500 or even 100 or something you might already have. This one seems a bit overpriced to me.

  65. Hi Great tips. I bought Quechua for our trip to Kailash Manasarovar and we did the 42 km trek. I found the shoe very slippery on ice. I just dismissed it of as a one of case. A couple of weeks back we had gone on a small trek on a small hill. We were coming down a huge flight of granite steps (900 ) when it started drizzling. There was absolutely no grip in the shoe. I had to take it off to come down. I had a fall and was fortunate not to get hurt. Are the soles designed to grip only while climbing ?? What am I missing here ?

    1. From what we have seen, most shoes do not perform well on slippery, mossy rocks or hard ice. If you’re walking on hard ice, you need micro-spikes or crampons. On slippery rocks, it’s best to go for a good grip shoe, perhaps something with a Vibram sole and complement it with a trekking pole. That will help.

  66. Hello

    I am going to Sandakphu Trek in January, Need advice on choosing the right & best shoes and the budget is 3-4k

    thank you.

  67. I am going on kedarkantha trek in dec through indiakes. I was looking for shoes on rent. But indiahikes is providing only forclaz 500 MENs shoes for option. Will it serve my purpose.I dont know how mens shoes are diff than womens.

    1. Hey Pranali
      I understand your concern about the rental shoes being men’s shoes. But honestly, there isn’t any difference between the twp. The size may vary for which we have a separate size chart mentioning the length of the shoes. Our co-founder herself has extensively used both men’s and women’s trekking shoes and she says, “apart from the colour of the shoes there is no difference between the two.” So you can be rest assured and go ahead with renting your shoes 🙂

  68. hi, I am going for kedarkantha trek – first week of december…. I have no idea about which trekking shoes will be required. Can you help me on that?

    1. Hello Neerav, you can rent shoes for your Kedarkantha trek. Your trek coordinator will be sending you the details for this a month before your trek. Which batch are you registered for? If you are keen on buying a shoe I’d say look at Forclaz 100 high or Forclaz 500 high. These two are good options.

    1. Hello Sushmita
      Yes, these will be good for your trek. You can also take a look at the Forclaz series for more options.

  69. Hi Team India Hike,

    I have enrolled for Kedarnath trek in December. Would you recommend the shoes for this trek? I have checked out decathlon store…they have only Forclaz100 and Arpenaz100 shoes for women. Plz advise. Thanks!

        1. Hello Kalpesh
          The boots don’t look very convincing. You can take a look at Arpenaz 50 if you’re looking for a cheaper option. However, this doesn’t come with ankle support. If you have a higher budget you can take a look at the Forclaz series. The Forclaz 100 high is a good option in this series.

  70. Hello,
    I’m going for Sandakphu trek this December end. Can you please suggest me which shoes should I buy?

    Many thanks in advance!!!

    1. Hi Harshal,
      Forclaz or Arpenaz series of shoes by Quechua or the Amphibia series by Wildcraft will be good options. Look for ankle support and good grip and buy a pair that is slightly bigger than your actual feet size.

    1. Hi Umang,
      These look fine for KK terrain. However, do you know if these are waterproof/water resistant? There will be snow on the trail in March and you don’t want to be trekking wearing wet shoes.

    1. Hi Neel,
      I recommend you buy a pair of trekking shoes instead of these. Trekking shoes have a more robust sole and will last you several trek. Look for a pair that’s also water resistant or water proof since it can rain in the mountains any time and you don’t want to be stuck there in wet shoes.

          1. I am going for chandrakhani pass trek.
            Ur suggestions are very helpfull.
            I need more guidance for this trek can u guide me??
            Thnk u so much 4 ur help

      1. Thanks for the quick response Sneha.

        One more query, apart from Forclaz 500 high what are the better and economical option for kedarkantha trek and any other Winter trek?

        1. Hi Sabarish,
          These shoes will also be suitable for winter treks.

          Apart from these, you can also check out the Wildcraft Amphibia series. However, these will be more expensive.
          I would not recommend warm shoes specific to winter treks since they’ll get too hot and uncomfortable on other kinds of treks.

  71. Hi, I am going for Lama Lamri trek in Tirthan Valley in first week of May for a 2-3 days trek. This is first experience with trekking and and I have to buy shoes for it. And I am really really confused which one to buy. I have checked out shoes at Decathalon and though I know how helpful high ankle shoes can be for a trek, I did not feel comfortable wearing them when I tried them on (may be because I am not used to high ankle shoes). I have checked out both Decathalon and Wildcraft online options and don’t know which one to pick. My budget is around 5-6k since I am considering it as an investment.
    Please help.

  72. can you please suggest a decent trekking shoes for macchu picchu. Planning to do a 4 day Trek in July. It might not rain but the terrain is rough

  73. Hello

    I am going to KARERI LAKE-MINKANI PASS TREK in last week of may. Need advice on choosing the right & best shoes and the budget is 3-4k.

    thank you.

  74. Hi Going to Valley of Flowers and if I can go to Hemkunth Sahib. Which shoes would you recommend? Apprecaite your thoughts

  75. Hii
    I’m reguler trekker in Sahyadri hills. I also doing the himalayan trek. In march 2019 I’m going to everest base camp. I wanna shoes for both objects. Local trekking & north india trekking. Please recommend best & quality shoe for mountaineer. Don’t recommend the Decathlon any shoes brand. It would be great if you can reply my queries.

    Nishant Sanap,
    Mob no – 9221008669

    1. Hi Nishant,
      You can check out the Wildcraft Amphibia series or Weinbrenner trekking shoes at Bata. Go for regular trekking shoes with ankle support, a good sole and water resistance. These will will be fine even at Everest Base camp. Do not buy shoes that are designed for extra warmth – they will get quite uncomfortable on local treks.

  76. I am going to Shree Amarnath yatra this july. Which should i buy for the trek. I am not regular trekker. My budget will be around 3000-4000(Max)

    Thanks in Adv,
    Ashish Bagaria
    7002980934(WhatsApp no.)

  77. Hi ,
    I am to Valley of flowers in August . Which shoes will you recommend ? As it’s rainy season , will it be good idea to buy waterproof shoes?

  78. Hi I am going for vaishnodevi in rainy season ( in a way its a 2 day trek itself) which shoes will be better which can also take care of rain?

  79. Hi,

    I’m planning to go for a one day monsoon trek in Sahyadris and kind of confused if QUECHUA ARPENAZ 50 MID would prove to be a good choice considering the muddy and slippery terrain amidst running water streams.

    Appreciate prompt help with this.


    1. Hi Tanvi,
      These shoes will be fine for the terrain. However, since they are not water proof or water resistant, carry an alternate pair of footwear that you can change into after the trek.

  80. Hi Swathi, I am 56 years female and borderline diabetic and as you know, I have to save my feet at any cost. I am a gym trainer also.

    I have some confusion with trek boots. Now, when I did Triund or walk up and down slopes (say…. from Nuddi down to McLeodgunj and up), I used and use Asics Gel Based Shoes. Will this shoe help in treks in rough terrains and which involves 4-5 days or more?

    What would you recommend and whether it will be available offline? ALSO, WHICH SIZE should I buy, according to you? (for example, if my foot is 9 in general, should I buy 10?) I used to have a beautiful foot arch, but now with age, it is collapsing. My foot, broader in front (below the toes), fit many a size from 8-12 (Indian size)… all thanks to different manufacturers.

    Please guide me. I am looking forward to your email.


  81. Hi,

    Choosing the actual pair of shoes is very confusing.

    Please name ONE PAIR of trekking shoes that WOULD WORK FOR ALL TREKS… be it low altitude, be it high altitude (base camps).

    Thank you.

    1. Hi Hemant, there are many trekking shoes out there in the market. We would suggest zeroing down on one based on your budget. You could send us a couple of links and we could zero it down further. Good brands for shoes are Quechua, Columbia and Wildcraft.

    1. Hi Ashok, I wouldn’t recommend this shoe. Please go for something with ankle support. In January, there will be a lot of snow, and with such an open shoe, snow will easily enter your shoes and your feet will freeze. Go for something more solid with ankle support. If you’re hesitant investing money, them you can rent a pair of shoes if you’re trekking with Indiahikes –

    1. Hi

      You can do the trek with this shoe but it doesn’t look so durable.

      I wouldn’t suggest buying it. If you are looking to invest, invest in a shoe that will last long, like Quechua Trek 100.

      If you don’t want to invest, you can rent from us here:

  82. Hi, I am planning for Everest Base Camp trek in 16-31st May. What’s your recommendation for shoes and clothing? I believe it will be hot at the bottom and will get colder with ascend (expecting below zero in the last few days of the trek). Is this the correct assumption? Thanks

    1. Hello Umesh,

      You can use Decathlon’s Trek 100 for the trek. As for the clothing, 4-5 layers will be sufficient. The layers shall be t-shirts (preferably full hand and dri-fit), 2 fleece or sweeter, 1 padded jacket and 1 windcheater.

      This will be enough for the entire trek.

      The trek will get colder as you ascend.

      Best regards

    1. Hi Hritik, perhaps you can share some links of shoes you’re considering and we could suggest the best one out of those. Wildcraft and Decathlon both have good shoes. Decathlon is more pocket-friendly.

  83. Hello Guys,
    Could you suggest good pair of shoes for Kailash Mansarovar trek..Trekking for 3days and most of the s journey by Cab/Bus.So Pls advise some good pair which will be comfotable for both journey and trek.
    Thank you in advance!

  84. Hello,

    I’m planning for Kedarkantha Trek with Indiahikes in March 2020. This will be my first trekking experience. I have come to know that there will be sections on which which we will have to trek over snow. My query is whether to acquire snow hiking shoes such as Forclaz SH 520 or normal mountain trekking shoes like Forclaz MH 500 for the proposed Kedarkantha Trek.

    Your advice would be appreciated.

    Kohinoor Roy

    1. Hi, Forclaz 500 works well in snow and even monsoon. If there’s too much snow on the trail, and sections are tricky we provide microspikes for additional grip

  85. Hi, IAM planning to go to valley of flowers trek in the month of July . This is my first trek . Can u suggest me good shoes that suits VOF trek .???

    1. Hi, the grooves in the soles of these shoes aren’t deep enough. So, they’re not recommended for mountain terrain due to the weak grip. Advise you to consider Forclaz 100 from Quechua for the trek 🙂

  86. Yes its always need to have right trekking shoes. other wise the trip will be not successful. To not have blisters its really important to get right boot for our foot.

    1. Unfortunately, they aren’t. It’s always good to have ankle support on a long trek, because most Himalayan trails are uneven. Twisting your ankle is very common, and shoes will ankle support help cushion that ankle twist. They make sure you don’t get injured.